12 Jun

wow. Wow. WOW! 100 episodes! It’s time to celebrate! Do you like laughing really hard? Good, because that’s what we’ll be doing June 27th at my 100th Episode live with Dixie de la Tour’s Bawdy storytelling!

Things to know:

  1. Don’t be shy inviting your LA friends. Even if they seem a bit “vanilla” they will have MORE fun because of this.
  2. Sex geeks are beeing shipped down from San Francisco just for YOU so they can tell us their crazy stories!
  3. You will kick yourself for not going once you listen to the episode. SEEING IT LIVE TAKES IT TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

BUY TICKETS! They’re $12 and very tasty. LA needs more action like this is its life. Get to it!

One Response to “100 EPISODE CELEBRATION!”

  1. Vera July 3, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Hey! I’m new to your podcast and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. Usually when I think “sex nerd” I think of an old guy with lots of body hair who had to figure out how to get a woman off because his awkward looks weren’t getting him anywhere. Instead you are an actual cute, relatable, funny young woman! Love it!

Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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