Book Sandra

Sandra’s role as a sex nerd is quickly expanding. In addition to hosting her weekly show, she is available…

As a Sex Educator:

  • WORKSHOPS: For parties of women and couples who want to have a hilarious time gaining bedroom skills and confidence.
  • ONE-ON-ONE WORKSHOPS: For those hoping to work privately on sexual technique with the use of teaching aids.
  • PERSONAL SHOPPING: For those overwhelmed or fretting over which toys and other sexuality products to buy.

As a Consultant & Talking Head:

  • MEDIA: Sandra is available as a resource for your project on both sides of the camera. 

As a Coach:

  • COACHING PACKAGES – For those who are ready for long-term personal development and coaching.
  • SINGLE COACHING SESSIONS – For those who  would like personalized attention & guidance with a specific issue.
  • EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE – For those who have limitied time or resources and would like some attention to a specific issue.

IF YOU HAVE SEX QUESTIONS: For general questions, trained sex educators are available through San Francisco Sex Information:


Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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