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Answerin’ Emails: “Torpedo Dick” has Condom Issues

12 Sep

Hi Sandra.

First, THANK YOU for the podcast – I started listening after being a loyal nerdist listener, and it’s been informative and fun!

I read your blog post about the Kimono microthin condoms and wanted to ask a question.

My partner and I are having a LOT of problems finding the “right” condom because of my shape.

I have what she calls “Torpedo dick”, with a relatively narrow head and a very thick base. I don’t think I’m extremely big (5-6″? ish?). Because of that we’re having a lot of issues with slippage, bad fits, and lack of sensation.

THE QUESTION: Would you suggest the Kimonos as an option, or is there another brand / type you think would work?

We’ve tried the Durex large and the Lifestyles Skyn large – neither were satisfactory.

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Safe Sex 201 or “No, Your Dick Does Not Live in a Magically Safe Universe, You Prick!”

1 Jul

An older man of forty-six sporting workout gear and a bald spot boldly walks into our store. No, this is not the beginning of a joke.

At ten paces right in front of me he stops, then spends a good sixty seconds trying to turn off his iPod. He is a vision of mid-life crisis.

He tells me he has never been inside our den of sex. I welcome him sweetly. He peruses for a time before coming up to the counter, setting down a 3-pack of moderately acceptable condoms and a small bottle of lube. This is our conversation:

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A Short Blog about Big Dicks

3 May

A word to the human male. Ladies, you can listen, too. Want to know the secret to what women want? Closer. No, no, come even closer. I’ll whisper it in your ear.

We don’t know WHAT we want.

And this is true about cock size, too. The truth is, depending on the day, a man’s cock might seem humongous, minuscule or pile-driver perfect. Some days we can barely squeeze that bad boy inside our girl parts. Some days, it feels like we could fit two of you inside us and still have room for that tampon.

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