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Answerin’ Emails: “Torpedo Dick” has Condom Issues

12 Sep

Hi Sandra.

First, THANK YOU for the podcast – I started listening after being a loyal nerdist listener, and it’s been informative and fun!

I read your blog post about the Kimono microthin condoms and wanted to ask a question.

My partner and I are having a LOT of problems finding the “right” condom because of my shape.

I have what she calls “Torpedo dick”, with a relatively narrow head and a very thick base. I don’t think I’m extremely big (5-6″? ish?). Because of that we’re having a lot of issues with slippage, bad fits, and lack of sensation.

THE QUESTION: Would you suggest the Kimonos as an option, or is there another brand / type you think would work?

We’ve tried the Durex large and the Lifestyles Skyn large – neither were satisfactory.

Click for my Answer!


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