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Travel Sex Toys

9 Mar

I’m gearing up for some hefty travel the next few weeks. My couch is strewn with suitcase items. Sun hat, first aid tape, toothbrush cover… but nary a sex toy to be found.


Bring on the TSA!

Because I can’t decide if I should bring one or not. I am, after all, traveling with a partner I like to make sex to.

And although I usually love getting hassled by the TSA, international travel tends to tone down my rampant TMI gene and heighten my hassled-by-the-man avoidance mechanism.

So what are my options if I do bring some marital aids on my ancient Incan quest?

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Where’s the lube, Penguin?

18 May

3 very special summaries of 3 very special toys:

The Persnickety Penguin

Long and lean, the Persnickety Penguin is a vibrating thong with a 90% chance of giving its wearer a hell of a good time… and a yeast infection. This fussy little fella presents a welcoming tail of anal beads ripe for your rear end. Make sure not to move much, ladies, or you’ll be wiping the wrong way. Yikes.


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Awkward Moments

25 Jan

One of my favorite things to do is run into people I know in the middle of their sex toy shopping experience. It fills me with joy. The shame. The confusion. The embarrassment. I love the, “Great to see you, Sandra! Umm, wow, you work here? heh, yeah, no no,  just looking.”

Adults in an adult store environment are like circling eagles. They don’t go straight for what they are interested in. They circle and circle. And if I approach at the wrong moment, they circle for fifteen minutes more than they would have because I was a gust of wind blowing them off course.

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