Post-Catheter Catharsis

“Ugggghhhhhhhh.” Since the end of July I’ve had this prolonged medical fiaso that culminated recently in a magic operation. Two weeks earlier I also lost one of the most important people in my life. I went into surgery crying and I woke up crying. Now I’m back to work in two days after two weeks of narcotic post-surgical BSG catch up. I feel like someone has steamrolled my soul. “Uggghhhhhhh, bleeding heart!!!”

But you know what also happened? I’ve hit the sexual refresh button. I’ve broken out of sexual habits, I’ve tried new toys and I’m bringing on new challenges. This upcoming week I’m co-teaching a new class, Talk Dirty to Me: Roleplay & Fantasy in the Bedroom at The Pleasure Chest LA (Just pretend that pic of the black couple is of a redhead and myself). My guiding mantra? “It ain’t hot if it ain’t dirty,” or something to that effect. Affect. Effect.

Effect. *head nod*

And by the way, I’ve been having serious issues with my grammatical & vocabularious shortcomings recently. I think it’s white guilt. (pause) I do hope you know I’m joking.

However, I was inspired and rejuvenated recently by Stephen Fry’s take on language as I was catching up on Nerdist happenings. So caution to the wind, I click “Publish” and go back to this delicious pot pie from the Tudor House.

It’s good to be alive.

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