Travel Sex Toys

I’m gearing up for some hefty travel the next few weeks. My couch is strewn with suitcase items. Sun hat, first aid tape, toothbrush cover… but nary a sex toy to be found.


Bring on the TSA!

Because I can’t decide if I should bring one or not. I am, after all, traveling with a partner I like to make sex to.

And although I usually love getting hassled by the TSA, international travel tends to tone down my rampant TMI gene and heighten my hassled-by-the-man avoidance mechanism.

So what are my options if I do bring some marital aids on my ancient Incan quest?

First, the basics:

  • Lube – Small packets? Bottle? Hmm, I’ll go with single use packets. I hate spillage.
  • Condoms – plus, the lady at the travel clinic said they can be used as tourniquets! or to hold water in a pinch! I never knew.

So, now what? Something vibratory would be nice. Traveling necessitates small & light packing. So no Hitachi magic wand for this trip.

Small & Light Possibilities:

  • Pocket rocket-type situation: Pro: Looks like an acupressure massage tool. Con: One speed & not the quietest bed friend.

  • Vibrating bullet: Pro: Super tiny & waterproof. Con: Batteries are hard to find. Plus, the vibration frequency is higher than my ideal.

  • Fun Factory Little Dolly miniVibe: Pro: Super quiet, great vibe variety and shaped for g-spotting, external, etc. Con: Looks like a children’s sex toy (= double awkward)

Pbbbfffft. That’s the sound of my mouth thinking.

I’m going with the pocket rocket. I don’t NEED a sex toy on the journey. I just, well, you know, kinda would like one. Just in case. Traveling is stressful sometimes. And sometimes your muscles ache and you can’t sleep because your stomach hurts from that domesticated animal you just ate so…

I’ve made my decision. Thanks for listening. You really helped 🙂

2 thoughts on “Travel Sex Toys

  1. love my pocket rocket – it’s the only thing that survived a recent fit where I threw away the rest of my sex toys due to lack of interest.

    one note: take out the battery before traveling. like you said, it ain’t exactly quite when it’s on.

    1. I can’t believe I haven’t responded to this until now. Such a good point! I forgot to mention taking the battery out! Not only is it embarrassing, it offers up a reason for extra TSA harassment. Not fun, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

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