Wrapping up my Peruvian Adventure

Sandra Daugherty Peru
Trying to smile while gusts of sand hit my face

I´m sitting in a funny smelling hostel in Lima. It´s painted bright colors of red and yellow and the people here speak English. This is a very exciting thing that takes the edge off that scent.

I’ve been a monolingual American in Peru for almost 3 weeks. I´ve learned how to say many things like, ¨I would like to go to a sex store¨ and ¨Do you have a room with a matrimonial bed available?¨

All very important.

I eat squid ink sticky rice leftovers while I write. I´m still revelling in ecstasy at the 4 types of ceviche we had yesterday. One must take the time to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. Yum.

It´s been a wonderfully hectic collection of weeks. Ancient ruins, sand-boarding, heart-pounding taxi rides, dark alleys, remote islands, and one very bloody cooking class.  It´s been real.

36 hours before we get on a plane home.  And then 12 hours before I zip over to the east coast for the first annual new media  sex conference. Never a dull moment!

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