My Favorite Condom

I have a favorite condom. You might notice my enthusiasm above.

As a woman, I never thought I would become so impassioned by condoms, but turns out I have good reason.

It all started with a male partner who wore regular condoms. Now it could have been Trojan, Lifestyles, Durex, whatever. Just regular sized condoms.

During sex, I noticed repeated internal discomfort and for me, it turned out it was from the tightly stretched latex. Even with plenty of lube, there was this feeling of getting “rubbed raw.”

Now, his fella was a fine size. Not particularly humongous or compact. Just good stuff. We tried Magnum condoms and they were a little loose. We feared condom slippage.

So what to do when your condom is too tight, but the most common large condom on the market is too loose?

The answer: Kimono Microthin Large Condoms.

IF and only if you’re finding condoms to be tighter than comfortable, (and condoms should fit snugly!) these give you that extra bit of room that really makes a difference.

Now, if you’re worried about using a condom with the thinnest latex on the market, no worries. Kimono also makes Kimono Maxx, a thin condom with more security.

I mean, when you’re dealing with something the size of a cucumber, an extra millimeter or two of stretchy latex in either direction is all you need for a more custom fit.

What if you’re experiencing condom slippage with regular condoms?

There’s no need throw in the towel. First of all, men’s erections are living creatures, the blood within ebbing and flowing with the tide of physical arousal.

Slippage can occur when a man has lost a little bit of blood in a moment of pause or distraction. It can change in an instant: Up! Down. Super-up! Kinda down. Splash!!! And we’re down for the count.

If you notice slippage happening frequently, then check out Lifestyles Snugger Fit condom. The difference in variously sized condoms comes down to mere millimeters. It’s no big deal.

Now, for anyone using condoms, here’s a great video by Kidder Kaper over at Sex is Fun on how to make condoms suck less. Love them!

And that’s a wrap! (hyuck)

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Condom

  1. I had no problem with regular condoms but my last boytoy informed me that men (meaning: him) felt “less than” by fitting regular condoms (ya know, the ones which can be stretched over a watermelon?). So I bought the magnums, and I’m pretty sure that made him feel inadequate. If for no other reason than male ego, I’d like to try these. Right after I find another boy toy.

  2. ps to all the peeps out there: being safer from std’s is a MAJOR turn on, which makes condoms TOTALLY hot to me, which tends to make then hotter to guys. I’m just sayin.

    1. Crowns are fantastic, too! There’s definitely an inner circle of great condoms on the market. Crowns are very affordable, too.

      Here are the Kimono Microthin Large Stats I found online:

      Length: 7.68 in
      Body Width: 2.05 in
      Head Width: 2.34 in
      Latex Thickness:0.0022 in
      Lubricant Type: Silicone
      Lubricant Amount: 0.0088 oz

      Looking at the stats, looks like crown is 3/100ths larger through the shaft, but Kimono picks up for the sizing win at the head and total length. I am surprised to see that Crown’s reported latex thickness is thinner by .00035″. I’ve always heard Kimono is thinnest on the market. They don’t feel thinner to my touch, but I’ll pay closer attention next time 😉 Thanks for posting!

  3. Thank *you*. 🙂

    I thought I was stuck with Crowns. Every other brand I found – even those that claim to be (super-)thin – are… simply not right. I’ll make it a point to check the Kimonos out. They seem to be worthwhile.

    To the la-bor-a-tory!

  4. Sandra,

    Great article and site. Any advice for those of us who find that even Magnum XL’s give that raw, not so nice feeling to our partners?

    I lube like Jiffy but after a longish session (let alone several) I get that “Don’t get that thing near me for a day or two” stare.

    I’ve tried the Kimonos and they feel nice, but were too fragile when the rubber met the road, so to speak. Trojan has started making Magnums in Thin and Warming, do you have any pull to expand that to their XL’s?

    1. Well, a large pecker is gonna be a bit more of a challenge for the receiver of said pecker.

      1) What lube are you using? A thicker lube with more cushion between moving parts might help cut down on the friction rubbing them raw. Could make a big difference. Also putting a little lube inside the condom could help it glide more naturally in between the two of you.

      2) Have you tried Lifestyles Mega? Similar to Magnum XL’s, but with more room at the head.

      3) Other than that, are they just too tight and that stretched latex is doing the raw rubbing? The largest condom after XL’s & Mega’s are the Female Condom. They’re a little more expensive but good fun. They can be worn up to 8 hours for sneaking quickies wherever. Fun!

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