SexCon Brain Explosion Imminent

“This conference is kicking my brain in the spleen with boots of knowledge.” ~a P.S. in an email I just sent to a friend.

I’m hiding in my hotel room. Today has been an 8 hour marathon of sex-therapy-education-science-knowledge hungrily absorbed into my eyes and ears and down into my fingertips. That’s lots of click-clacking to annoy other participants but I MUST PERSEVERE!

My head and hands are throbbing in protest as I hide in my khaki-colored sanctuary. I youtubed Louis CK and find I can no longer comprehend funny. Mental capacity at breaking point. Let me sum up stuff that has seeped in and then to the bar! or similar place of non-con activity.

Tidbits of Today’s Brain Download:

*Vaginas have super hidden neat anatomy pleasure structures, (including the uterus!) which can effect orgasm function in fascinating ways.

*”Ableism” is the term used to describe inequality toward disabled persons (which I was told was the proper term).

*Interobjectivity & Intersubjectivity are perspectives that must be considered along with Subjectivity & Objectivity in one’s awareness when teaching or discussing an issue.

*Happiness is not about reducing negativity but about increasing your positivity ratio.

Etc. Etc. Etc. multiplied by many pages of notes.

Sigh. Complain all I want, but who am I kidding? I love this stuff.

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