Anal Safety 101: No Base, Without a Trace

Recently, Scientific American published a story on sex toy safety, written by Regina Nuzzo. It confirmed my sneaking suspicions. The number of people losing objects in their asses is on the rise.

I can understand why. With American sexuality coming out of the dark ages and into a kind of exploratory rennaissance, more and more people are discovering what their backdoor nerve endings can offer in the way of excellent sensation.

The article had this to say about who was most likely to visit the ER:

“…according to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy—most often, people in their 30s who needed help retrieving their vibrator or dildo. In 2007 alone about 900 people had injuries severe enough that they were admitted to the hospital to remove a foreign body from their rectums.”

It goes on to say that the numbers are most likely much higher, as these figures are only from people who actually admitted that they were exploring their backdoors for pleasure. I CONCUR! The shame so many feel when it comes to this perfectly normal behavior is astonishing at times.

I look forward to the day when wayward toys & household items lost in the digestive black holes of the hard working American is a thing of the past. (Unless it’s intentional, like poor Mr. Ryan Dunn)

However! Unless basic ass play safety is absorbed into the mainstream consciousness, our fantastic sexual Renaissance will lead to a whole bunch more “oh shit” moments (so to speak).

Here’s a PSA I created to help things along. Please pass it around. Only you can prevent Anal Emergencies. #The more you know



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2 thoughts on “Anal Safety 101: No Base, Without a Trace

  1. Hi Sandra! I know I’m a little late to the game since you posted this video years ago! My husband and I have been experimenting with fanny fornitication the last few months, I guess it’s gotten a bit easier since we started using a plug during foreplay very similar to the one you suggested in the video, it has a pretty gem and everything! (My thinking is the prettier something is the more happy I’ll be about putting it up there 😉 ) My issue is the fact that it STILL hurts. I try relaxing, once he’s in it’s ok but as soon as he starts thrusting I tense back up and basically grit my teeth until it’s over. Light play has always been arousing for me and I would love my husband to also enjoy my fanny as well which is why I’ve been trying so hard! We don’t use lube because I can’t STAND it! We’ve tried several different types, water based, silicone, organic, the either dry up and get sticky (the moment I start to feel sticky my arousal vanishes) or the leave my “peach” feeling irritated for days after use. Luckily I seem to produce a very decent amount of my own lubrication during regular intercourse so we haven’t needed it. I’m think that one of the issues with the fanny play is the lack of lubricant but I can’t fathom experiensing the sticky or irritated feeling in my bum and still being able to continue the act. Is there a lubricant you know of that is very sensitive and doesn’t get sticky? I can’t even use condoms because of the irritation and last month I bought a rubbery gspot toy that left me so irritated down there I couldn’t have sex for a week!! I’ve asked my doctor and employees at a few sex shops for ideas, I’ve gotten a few suggestions but I’m still left lubeless. I’m not sure if this is where I should post this question but Id rather ask you here than on twitter or something 🙂 I love your podcast! Keep up the good work!

Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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