G-Spot Geekery this Friday!

So, where are we at? Oh, right. It’s time for another installment of TALKING ABOUT SEX NON-CREEPY-LIKE IN A LIGHT-HEARTED FASHION!

If you joined me for last month’s show at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, you learned:

  • The best ways to get laid from Craigslist
  • How to approach someone you if you don’t want to be “that guy”
  • A whole lot about why I love my favorite toy so very much and why my fellow sex educator Mary does NOT agree!

This week, we delve straight into the G-spot! (So, gently in a few inches then toward the belly button).

We’re talkin’ what it is, what it ain’t, what we can do to rock it and why for a long time I thought I was an anatomical g-spot freakazoid.

Join me and the smart & sexy Catherine Toyooka! Click on her name and read all about the years of remarkable sex & relationship educating, writing and speaking she has been up to for the last many years. We in LA are SO LUCKY to steal her from the Bay area for the night!

This week's guest: Catherine Toyooka!

I am personally excited  about this show because I have learned SO MUCH fascinating stuff about the g-spot area in the last few months. If I don’t share all that juicy info, I might explode! Hope to see ya there!


~Sex Nerd Sandra
PS – Podcast tech details are being worked out. For those of you who have written & tweeted at me, I hear you! I am touched that you look forward to the podcast. We at Nerdist Industries are getting all set up for you to listen with your ear holes!

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5 thoughts on “G-Spot Geekery this Friday!

  1. Really looking forward to this! It’ll be the first Sex Nerd Sandra show! The wife’s coming too. =)

    Will tix be available on Friday, or does it sell out ahead of time?

  2. Just make sure Hardwick plugs it at least once on the podcast when your podcast feed is up…otherwise I probably won’t find out until I randomly visit your blog again!

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