Best. Weekend. Ever.


Surrealist Vulva. I call it "Lady in the Hat."

So, why is this the best weekend ever? Professionally speaking, the list is thus:

1) Met up with tons of other sex educators, bloggers and industry peeps at the AVN Novelty Expo. Ran around filming myself be goofy for a video, bought a vulva puppet and scored a free fleshlight. Happy dance!

2) Recorded a fantastic live Nerdist Presents podcast at Meltdown Comics. I mean FANTASTIC! Catherine Toyooka and her 4 vulva puppets and I had a blast!

3) Got invited to watch my first orgy. I watched and made friends. Yay new friends!**

4) Got to attend another orgy. I observed and high-fived people. Again, also made new friends.**

5) And now I’m packing to hit the big apple for a week of adventure, fun and a stop at the Pleasure Chest NYC to film a little something for a reality show that I shall not name. 

So, to summarize, right now life is beautiful. When I get back, you bet there will be blog posts, videos and… oh yeah, another LIVE PODCAST at NerdMelt, that amazing space at Meltdown Comics. I want to hug that building so hard. Check out what topic we’ll be talking about on July 22nd!

And yes, the podcast will be available for your ears later this month. Finally!!!

(**As a respect for privacy, I will not be blogging about any specifics about these events. Sorry!)

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5 thoughts on “Best. Weekend. Ever.

  1. Hope the “reality show” ID can come out in the clear sooner rather than later…it’s tough to steel one’s self to actually watch most such, but I’d suspect this one is one of the better and more unusual among them…

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