Brain Tinglies: 3 New Sex Books!

I love well-written sex books so much it hurts! Kinda like when I hold back the urge to hug a celebrity during a little butt sex coaching. It’s a beautiful agony. Inside my head, I hear the desperate battle cry: “Must hug! Must HUG!”

Hugging Knowledge

So, I have 3 new books to add to my library of debauchery, and I’m thrilled to discover they are even more rad than I first thought! Here they are and why I’m peeing myself with excitement:

1) Douglas Kent’s Complete ShibariVolume 1: Land

Having led a girl scout existence for 13 years (no joke) I was quite the knot connoisseur in grade school. In my adult years, this has led to a fascination with the DIY mastery of Shibari. I have much respect for rope-smiths.

This is THE book for rope nerds. The photos are full color & clear and the models are lovely & happy. The book is well done and the step-by-step instructions are so visually easy to understand it gives me logic-chills. (Warning: Previous link NSFW)

I also love that at the beginning Kent points out that one thing rope people like to do is criticize others’ techniques, but that “Shibari inspires passion”… and so basically calm the fuck down. Less rope snobbery and more rope positivity, I say!


2) Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. Sheri has infinite understanding, empathy and technical knowledge of the feminine land down under.

Beyond Winston’s valuable anatomical info she is spreading throughout the land, she has included ninja level tips for pleasure, and visually, the book is a goldmine of historical erotic artwork. Yum! Check it out for yourself.


3) Moregasm by Claire Cavanah & Rachel Venning

To be honest, when I first heard about this book, I assumed it was just another sex guide among many. WRONG! My latent professional crush on Rachel Venning made me check it out and I was blown away.

Moregasm‘s excellence in design & execution caused me heart palpitations. For instance, here’s one of my immediate faves:

Look at her face! She’s happy and sassy! It’s like she’s a real person with a real personality having real sex! In most sex books, it’s usually naked people dry humping unconvincingly. Lame. But these Moregasm people, they make me smile. All the diagrams are pretty dern rad, too.

This book is a perfect way to summarize the movement of pleasure-positive sexuality that is slowly reaching a tipping-point in America today. It’s about fun, healthy people leading affectionate, confident sex lives. Oh joy. That’s a revolution I can stand behind!


Welp, these treasures will now be added to my growing library of sexy knowledge. So remember kids: If Knowledge is Power, then Sexy Knowledge is Sexy Power. Do your homework.

      ~Sex Nerd Sandra

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