The Sex Nerd Sandra PODCAST presented by Nerdist is alive! ALIVE!!!

Episode 1: Foreplay + is ready for your ears! Enjoy some SIC (Sexually Informative Conversation) by CLICKING HERE. You can also SUBSCRIBE on iTunes.

I want to hug the adorable artwork

Such a relief to have my first podcast out in the world! I was so nervous, and my guests were so great! Big hugs to Mary & Hernando for making my first podcast so much fun!

My wonderfully talented friend, Elaine Theresa Smith took pics that night. Photos are like podcast accessories for your eyes!

First I talk...
Then Mary joins me up on stage...
...and then Dr. Hernando Chaves shows us a thing or two!

Podcast Description:

Sex. We do it. It’s a thing. Now let’s talk about it! Join me, sex educator & Nerdist blogger Sex Nerd Sandra as I delve deep into the endlessly fascinating world of human sexuality & pleasure. With guests ranging from therapists to pro-doms to your nextdoor neighbor, there’s only one rule on this show: Keep it real.

Summary of Episode 1: Foreplay+

Sandra nerds out on her favorite toy, then Sex Educator Mary joins us for how to use Craigslist to get laid (+ giant penis story). Enter Dr. Hernando Chaves for the safe sex talk & man feelings. PLUS Q&A! Dirty Talk, Magic Wand & Approaching Women.

I can’t wait till next week when my friend, Spaceman joins me in my kitchen for a Sex Toy Primer!

6 thoughts on “The Sex Nerd Sandra PODCAST presented by Nerdist is alive! ALIVE!!!

  1. Love the podcast. Bought the sidekick sleeve today (aka the “handle bar cushion”). Will report on the effectiveness with my partner. Hoping for no nubs falling off!

    Might be a while, I’m a long way from CA.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  2. I SO wished we lived in California so we could visit the Podcast recording or go to one of Sandra’s a shows/classes.

    I’ve been watching(reading) Nerdist columns for a while and saw when Sandra first started with….

    My wife and I both listen to the podcast now and like witty banter and getting new tips/tricks. Keep it up! Maybe we can get hugs sometime in the future.

  3. I LOVED the podcast! I stumbled across your it on Friday, and I’m now ordering several toys to spice things up a bit. You convey yourself as the fun, kooky, yet somewhat dorky, best friend we all wish we had to give us advice on sex. Thanks for making this fun and being willing to set aside any pretense of “coolness” to appeal to modern nerds.

Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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