G-Spot TMI Podcast Pics!

Hi ya! Here’s a couple photos from the “G-Spot TMI” show recorded at NerdMelt in Los Angeles, presented by Nerdist Industries. I had such a great time at this show. Many thanks again to my guest, sex & relationship coach, Catherine Toyooka, who can be found at: www.CatherineCoaches.com

Catherine & I show off our g-spotting toys after the show at NerdMelt

After the show, Catherine & I hopped back over to the ANE convention for a sex toy luau, hosted by Papaya Toys. Now that was a fun-filled day!

We got lei'd after the show

Can’t wait till next week when Nerdist Industries reveals my “Handjobs for Everyone” podcast with funny man Dave Ross!

Till then, remember: There are always batteries in the TV remote!

3 thoughts on “G-Spot TMI Podcast Pics!

  1. Very glad you put the trackback on, as well…putting faces to the voices always makes it a bit more “human”…(quotation marks because, what’s not human about voices?).

    Don’t get too overwhelmed by response…a very good series so far.

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