Your Feedback on The Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast

Soooo, the last few weeks have been mind blowing. I’ve learned so much. Now that we’ve got the first handful of podcasts out in the world, I’d love for some feedback on ways to keep tweaking and playing with the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast.

Because just so you know, every podcast right now is an experiment in awesome. It’s mixing teaching with guests with personal stories. I’ve got so many rad moments coming at ya in the next few weeks. 

It would be helpful to me if you took a moment and let me know what you might like to hear about. You can throw down in the comments or take part in this here poll.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Your Feedback on The Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast

  1. I’d definitely go with questions from the audience/listeners. The podcast I was lucky enough to attend (G-Spot TMI) was awesome. You’ve got such a great personality and you put the audience at such ease that night that I think it made it easier to ask questions and not be embarrassed to admit that we didn’t know certain things.

  2. As you get a bigger (or more inquisitive) live audience, more Q&A would be rad. Really dig the format and pace and all the kickass tips you bring to the table.
    Would love to hear more about kink, ethical non-monogamy, multiple-partner encounters, same-sex sex, cunnilingus and anal exploration.

  3. Hi, I just finished listening to the Handjob episode in which you had mentioned doing a video podcast and thought that I should offer my feedback: Please do! It’s probably one of the only podcasts I would actually prefer to watch and listen to because a lot of what you discuss seems to reference visual aids not present in my ears. Being a little this side of new in sex and just being a visual/manual learner video would be exceedingly helpful!

    That out of the way, thanks a lot for the podcast, my SO and I have gotten to have some great discussions over the topics you bring up and we really appreciate/enjoy it!

  4. I love the podcast! Some listener questions would be neat, but I wouldn’t focus every show around it. Maybe every 3rd week could be a Q&A or something, but keep talking about the stuff *you* want to talk about. So far, you and your co-hosts have been funny, knowledgeable, and interesting–I think it’s great just the way it is!

Nerd out here & at the Sex Nerd Sandra facebook page!

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