Pics from Podcast #5: Taboo

In the brand spankin' new Nerdist podcast studio!

This week’s Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast presented by Nerdist features comedian Dave Ross and guest Elaine Smith! Elaine is a dear friend of mine with a fascinating sexuality.

I brought Elaine on the show as it’s important not only to hear from experts, but also people just like you! (Or your neighbor. Or your barista. Like somebody you know.)

I felt a little like a bewildered animal recording in our brand-spankin’ new Nerdist Podcast studio.  The hushed tone of a soundproofed room is a little jarring after the open space of NerdMelt. Halfway through, though, we got into the swing of things.

***A big thank you to producer Katie Levine for taking pictures!

Toy of the Week: Njoy Pure Plugs!

Look at these stainless steel beauties!

Toys also mentioned during the podcast:

  • Aneros prostate massager
  • We-Vibe hands-free couples vibe
  • RealTouch virtual reality sleeve

Questions from Readers

At the end of the hour, we took 2 questions from listeners. One was about Blowjobs and feeling more comfortable with sex, and the other was about toys.

Showing our domesticated dalek how one end of the We-Vibe goes inside. Penetrate!

And to round it all out…

We concluded the show with a jovial discussion on hands free blowjob devices. Then we went outside and took this nice picture.

Elaine holds the We-Vibe while Dave holds the mini-Super Bowl Trophy
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9 thoughts on “Pics from Podcast #5: Taboo

  1. Excellent discussion…though some men just simply won’t come via fellatio, and either are helped or help themselves “out” and their kind partners take them as they are ejaculating…an (almost) universally joyous experience, I think, at least for the one ejaculating. Certainly, diabetes and other factors can contribute to this difficulty.

    Some folks were messed with as children, which can color their youthful (and later) sexuality, so I wonder how some of those folks might’ve fared with less “helpful” input from elders…I suspect that for some of us, for whom adolescence began rather early hormonally, that a strong recognition of that aspect of life would’ve arisen anyway…certainly, though, feeling the changes at 9 didn’t make high school any easier when that rolled around! Though at least one of my friends with no molestation or similar trauma had had a series of incestuous dreams about her brother when they were teens, which she too interpreted as mostly an expression of desire for closeness rather than actual sexual intimacy.

    Polymorphous is a useful word…diversity is another. And if some people can go in for anal fisting, I imagine a billiard ball, though less malleable, is also smaller than many of the fists so engaged…though fists also do have their built-in flanged bases…reasonable beads do sound a lot more comfortable, but given how many people (I’d go ahead and say foolishly) have experimented with light bulbs over the years…

  2. I just don’t like the We Vibe at all. We’ve tried it all sorts of ways. It slides all around and never stays where I want it. It does not line up with my clit when inside. And the vibration couldn’t hardly be felt. We’ve tried it several times and end up pulling it out before we are done and going at it toyless.

    I really wanted to like it.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I so wish people could test drive a toy before they buy it. That would be helpful. When you said that it didn’t line up with your clit, I wonder if it reached to high up on your body or too low. And I wonder if you were using lube with it. I had to get pretty lubey to make sure there was no clinging friction with the shaft.

      1. Friction was not the problem. In fact it was the opposite of the problem. I tend to be very wet on my own and we only use lube during one part of my cycle in which I don’t produce enough on my own.

        It was much to high on the outside. I couldn’t get it to achieve the bend I needed it to.

        I’m not ready to give up on it though. And I keep it charged up just in case I decide to give it another go.

  3. Just wanted to let Elaine know that there *are* brothels for female clientle….well, sort of.

    In the Korean culture, male patrons can go to places called “Room Salons” which are like modern geisha houses. In private rooms, groups of businessmen or friends and beautiful women drink, sing karaoke, and flirt. Depending on the establishment the flirting can be quite heavy. More recently in history, salons for female patrons emerged which are called “Host Bars.” Groups of women, usually very wealthy women, go to spend time with the men of their choice, drink, be entertained and showered with attention/flirting.

    These are all underground establishments and not open to the general public. I believe you have to know where they are, who to call, how to get in, etc. I’ve never been to one myself but I get the sense that actual sex is NOT an assumed part of the services but that it may be possible in certain establishments and/or with certain host/hostesses for a very high price. I don’t know if this is a myth but the women working at Room Salons are known to make a lot of money.

    Things may have changed a great deal since this artcile was written, but here is one woman’s (starts around page 4 or 5). Enjoy!

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