Pics from Ep 6: Semen Soldiers!

Every podcast episode my shy, neurotic face falls a little more in love with candidly talking sex directly into a mic for other people’s ears. Case in point: This week’s podcast. I had a fracking blast talking with comedian Ed Salazar & sex author and director Jamye Waxman!

These great photos were taken by the one and only Mo Fathelbab at NerdMelt. Thanks, Mo! And of course, huge hugs to the Nerdist team for presenting sex positive words to nerds like us!

Emotions run high
I love the brave souls who come to the live shows!
Every week, Team Fun wins.

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2 thoughts on “Pics from Ep 6: Semen Soldiers!

  1. This episode really made me realize how much I miss being around sex positive people.
    I loved the advice that Ed gave about inserting sexual language or ideas into conversation. I think Neil Strauss would say this helps keep you out of the “Let’s Just Be Friends” zone.

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