Answerin’ Emails: “Torpedo Dick” has Condom Issues

Hi Sandra.

First, THANK YOU for the podcast – I started listening after being a loyal nerdist listener, and it’s been informative and fun!

I read your blog post about the Kimono microthin condoms and wanted to ask a question.

My partner and I are having a LOT of problems finding the “right” condom because of my shape.

I have what she calls “Torpedo dick”, with a relatively narrow head and a very thick base. I don’t think I’m extremely big (5-6″? ish?). Because of that we’re having a lot of issues with slippage, bad fits, and lack of sensation.

THE QUESTION: Would you suggest the Kimonos as an option, or is there another brand / type you think would work?

We’ve tried the Durex large and the Lifestyles Skyn large – neither were satisfactory.



When you say “slippage”, that is an immediate clue that you need a condom that hugs your base MORE. Are average Trojan-type condoms too tight at your base? If so, Kimono Microthin Large might actually be a perfect fit, but it’s trial-and-error with this type of thing.

The main safety thing is, if you’re experiencing slippage, you need it to hug you more firmly at your base. After that, the pleasure factor is about the material quality, thickness, lube & shape.

For the lack of sensation issue, a little lube inside the condom is great. And actually, having a smaller head means more room inside the condom, which can help with more sensation.

What exactly was wrong with the Lifestyles Skyn Large? And the Durex Large?

~Sex Nerd Sandra


HIS RESPONSE: It’s actually been a long time since I tried Trojan as a brand, but I recall them feeling tight. I’ll at least try a box of the Kimonos – it’s not like it hurts to experiment! At worst, maybe I’ll pick up a pack of the regular Trojans, too, and compare…

With the Skyn large, we found that they went on easily, but they did not do a good job of hugging the base, and started to slip during intercourse. (That may partially be because I bought the large instead of regular size). With the Durex, we had a couple of ripping issues, twice while putting them on, and once during intercourse, and simply don’t want to take the risk again with that brand.


When you find that a condom fits too tight at the base of your penis, make sure it’s unrolled all the way. Even if the condom is longer than you are, unroll it, so that the extra latex doesn’t gang up on you. This might help condoms not bind your bits at the thickest part.

Plus, extra condom hanging off your tip means your load has somewhere to go. I.E. You condom doesn’t explode. Torpedo Safety for all!

Thanks for writing!

~Sex Nerd Sandra

4 thoughts on “Answerin’ Emails: “Torpedo Dick” has Condom Issues

  1. If the major issue is slippage why not try one of the “female condoms”. Is there any issues whith those? Seems like slippage wouldn’t be one of them.

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