“Dungeon Dom” Podcast Pics!

As the 8th release in the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast, presented by Nerdist, I have to say I am utterly pleased with the hilarity, learning and overall good times we had during this live show. The audience was great, my guests Mistress Mary and Dave Ross were fantastic and I am finally getting into the swing of this podcasting thing.

Many thanks to Karen Jackson for taking these photos of the September Live Show at NerdMelt. (Stay tuned for announcements for the October 14th Show!)

***Oh, and if you like the podcast, please leave happy comments on iTunes. My producer tells me that will help others find this sex-positive show.

Muah!   ~Sandra

We rock our domination faces.

Dave is saying something fantastic or expressing disbelief
I love the cringing look on Dave's face. You know you like it! (I assume)
Every show gets better and better! Look at the happy faces!
In the last segment, an audience member asks Mary about her tats. Jokes follow.
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2 thoughts on ““Dungeon Dom” Podcast Pics!

  1. Wow Mistress Mary looks normal! I mean that in a good way. I had this stereotypical image of pro dommes that was a bit of a turn off but she is hot!

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