Slowing it Down

Slowing it down when it counts

When something is amiss in one’s sex life, often we want to fix the issue quickly and MOVE ON! As a sex educator and pleasure coach, I encourage others to take the time and move slow, but do I do that myself? No. Not usually. I am simultaneously busy and lazy. Which means I don’t always have much energy or time to fully explore my own sex life.

But wait… here’s the thing. If there IS something in your sex life or my sex life or their sex life that is giving issue, well, the solution OFTEN begins with slowing down!

Sometimes the hardest thing is to change our behaviors on the most basic things: How we chew, how we sleep, how we screw. But if we take that evening to try something new, pay attention and keep focused on the present, it can do wonders.

When it comes to sex, we may not always have time to increase the quantity, but we always have it within us to improve the quality. That’s my two cents.

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