THE QUICK POLL: Do you masturbate with your dominant hand?

That's my thinking hand

This evening I received an email from a right-handed listener who goes at it with their left:

“I would think that people would use their dominant hand, but I’m right handed and I always use my left hand to masturbate.  It makes me wonder if I’m unusual in that regard or if being right or left handed doesn’t really have a bearing on which hand takes the lead on getting yourself off?”

I have no idea. I myself am a misguided ambidextrous soul who can’t decide with which hand to apply chapstick. So I went to you. The people of twitter.

POLL TIME: 38 minutes

POLL RESPONSES: 37 + 1 joke


  • Dominant Hand: 21
  • Non-dominant Hand: 8
  • Pretty Even Switch: 4
  • Finish with Dominant: 2
  • Start with Dominant: 1
  • Joke: “My dominant hand forces my submissive hand to do the masturbating.”

My First Impressions:

  1. More non-dominants than I expected. I wonder what variables play a roll (e.g. Internet Use).
  2. I’m impressed as to how many people switch it up. I wonder if that is due more to getting tired or a desire for variety?

Thanks from the right-handed lefty for emailing & thanks to everyone who participated!

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7 thoughts on “THE QUICK POLL: Do you masturbate with your dominant hand?

  1. A bit late on this poll but I use my dominant hand, until it’s sor, or until my wrist hurts, and then I use the other hand ;D

  2. My boyfriend has been a fencer since before he was regularly masturbating (age 10). The sport caused lots of rough calluses on his dominant hand so he learned to use the non-dominant because the skin was softer.

  3. I’m so late on this, but I just recently discovered your podcast within the last few weeks and have been catching up on all the episodes; great stuff!

    Anyhow, for as long as I can remember I’ve been using my non-dominant left hand for masturbation just because it feels more comfortable to me. My penis does slightly angle to the right, and I’m not sure if this is a result of using the lefty, or if it’s the reason I use my left hand in the first place.

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