Booty Basics! Links & Video

Yay! The Booty Basics episode is up! Part of exploring this thing called “Having My Own Show” is letting you know what stuff we were talking about!

So, here are NSFW-ish (depending on where you work) links to some stuff I mentioned on today’s show:

Water-based thick gel lube, called Maximus

Silicone-based lube, called Pjur Original (and apparently Babeland had the Pjur people put this great stuff into adorable, perky blue bottles now!)

A pink, jeweled glass butt plug: I can’t find that toy anywhere! Good thing it’s at least in this video on junk-in-your-trunk safety:

(If I ever miss anything I mention, just let me know and I’ll add it)

I hope you enjoy! Please leave an iTunes comment if you do!

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