Orgasmic Pregnancy from Ep 14: Stress Relief

Hi, Sex Nerds. Want your mind blown? Below is the video my guest, Lara Catone mentioned after I asked her about orgasm during childbirth. I don’t know if this is possible for every female body, but I do appreciate that this broadens the public conscious on birthing experiences from the straight up pain paradigm.

I like the part where they makeout. It’s sweet.

Lookout for recommended clips at the end of the video. I clicked on one and ended up watching my first birth. Crazy! And yes, I stand by what I said on this episode. I still want to experience childbirth.

Great big thanks & hugs to Lara Catone, Will Shivers and of course Dave Ross for a wonderful show. 

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7 thoughts on “Orgasmic Pregnancy from Ep 14: Stress Relief

  1. Hey, just listened to the podcast, loved it as always. In regard to the comments on religious folk and sexuality I just want to say that would be a rather interesting podcast to go into. I’ve been a devout Christian all my life, but I can assure you and my friends can attest, I’m far from a prude – much to their surprise when they learn of my faith. I for one am all about Christ AND Vaginas.

  2. The documentary ‘Orgasmic Birth’ is available from Netflix (disc only, though), if you’re interested. It’s pretty good, although it’s not so much women having orgasms during childbirth as it is about ECSTATIC birth—and for that, watch Mayra’s birth in ‘The Business of Being Born.’ (Or a million birth videos online…) Also, the discussion of oxytocin in ‘TBoBB’ is nerdy and amazing.

    Also! Did you know that of women who touch their clitorises while their babies are crowning, 0% have vaginal tearing. Zero! (I don’t remember where I read this. It was either Ina May Gaskin who mentioned it in one of her books, or “Navelgazing Midwife” Barbara E. Herrera on her blog.)

    I SO WISH I were in your neck of the woods, because I LOVE talking sex and pregnancy. My childbirth experience was not ecstatic by any stretch of the imagination, but having a baby was really the coming out party for my sexuality.

  3. Unmedicated, vaginal childbirth is completely amazing. Even when it’s not orgasmic, it is super intense and powerful and womanly and such a complete gift for women to experience fully and presently.

    I’m a sex positive mama and birth activist and author who had three physiological births at home (in the water–I highly recommend water!!! can’t say this enough!!) and I’d LOVE to talk to you more about the connection between open, happy sexuality and open, happy birthing: there is a lot to say there!

    Love your show. Except that mostly I listen to it while running, and sometimes I have to stop running because I’m laughing so hard.

    Also, I have a crush on you. And a crush on Dave, too. Does Dave know that whole “I’m just an eager guy who wants to get laid” thing is really kind of a turn-on? Listening to your show and other podcasts by fun, funny sexologists makes me want to go back and get a degree in sexology…or at least come to a play party you’re all at!

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