Pearl Necklace Pics – Ep. Sex Quemments #3

Visual aid to Pearl Necklace tip. And this is the moment Jamye sqeals adorably.
Dave enjoys Jamye's pearl necklace
Visual aid to the G-spot/Pereneal sponge double whammy!

Okay, it’s turkey day tomorrow, I”m at work and I’ve got a hardcore game of Pathfinder tonight. At some point I will hyperlink these, but for now, I wanted to at least give you a list of what we mentioned for your googling, ogling pleasure. In pretty much chronological order:

  • “For Yourself: The Fullfillment of Female Sexuality” by Lonnie Barbach
  • Luna Pads
  • Diva Cup
  • Je Joue Mimi
  • Fun Factory Booty
  • Njoy Plug in small
  • Tantus toys
  • Pjur Lube
  • Njoy Pure Wand
  • Simply Blown Glass
  • Je Joue Ami
  • Kegelcisor
  • Trojan Supras

Happy Turkey, Tofurkey and Turducken Day!


3 thoughts on “Pearl Necklace Pics – Ep. Sex Quemments #3

  1. Just a quick note to say that I love the show, even though I totally blush while listening by myself! As the shows go by though, I blush less and less…thanks for the info and the laughs!

  2. Hi Sandra,

    (I tried to leave this comment a second ago but it ate it so forgive me if this is a double post). I’m a new listener, and digging your podcast! One comment however- the back of the vagina is NOT NUMB!!!! The A Spot or AFE Zone (Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone) lives right in front of your cervix, a few inches above the G spot, and it is AWESOME, but nobody seems to know about it. (I’m sure that with like the G spot, YMMV depending on one’s anatomy). So Dr. Barbach needs to get her scalpel THE HELL AWAY FROM MY VAGINA (I know she’s not THAT kind of doctor, but aaagh!) Anyway, I wrote some stuff about it here: and highly recommend the Pure Wand for stimulating that area.

    Bianca James

  3. Sex Nerd Sandra!!!
    I love your podcast, I listen every week, can’t stop myself. So, thanks!
    I just listened to quemments 3 and the term ‘rape seed’ caught my ear. Just an FYI for you, rape seed is another name for canola. I know this from working near the rape seed/canola farmers in Alberta, Canada. I currently listen to you from Vancouver Island and sometimes Newfoundland.
    Thanks again, so much!

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