Feb 6th! Big Comedy! Big Raffle!

This Monday we will ROCK Pasadena!

If you’re in LA, I’ve got a one time special fundraising event I’m turning naughty. This Monday, join me for Tits & Giggles with comedians Bobby Lee (MadTV) , Chris Porter (Last Comic Standing Finalist Season 4) & Iliza Shlesinger (Last Comic Standing Winner Season 6)  at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena.

I’m getting up on stage and sex nerding the audience, plus raffling off sweet toys from The Pleasure Chest! We’re raising money for my friend Elaine’s breast. Plus, it’s an excuse for fun. So, all together, everyone wins.

Buy Tickets in Advance HERE!

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One thought on “Feb 6th! Big Comedy! Big Raffle!

  1. I hope the show went off without a hitch and I’m really glad you liked the name suggestion. When I was visiting back east, I had a friend try to introduce me to the podcast. I couldn’t help but smile when he realized I was the Paul Sandra mentioned on the show. Woot.

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