Pics from “Sex MacGyver”

Okay. I’m gonna see if wordpress will be nice and my blog will behave. Here I’ve got 6 pics from this past week’s “Sex MacGyver” episode with Chris Gore of G4 & beyond! 

Fun with FetishVil! Dave's doll looks just like him!
I haz shoehorn!
Dave plays with Chris' light-up crop prototype
Astronaut Bra coming soon!
FetishVil props. Do you know what the crop is made out of?
No I will not take off this cozy Spirit Hood.


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2 thoughts on “Pics from “Sex MacGyver”

  1. I swear I say this about all your podcasts, but I LOVED this one! It makes me want to get crafty! Plus, I so want one of those light-up crops!

    I wish sometimes that you guys had video from your podcasts, especially one like this with all the cool things that were brought for show & tell!

    Go team FUN!!!

  2. I just heard your podcast about your fun trip to JAPAN. I will be planing a trip soon, by the way you are cute. Love your podcast.

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