Sometimes a Girl Just Wants Good Head

I’m inspired by a play I saw tonight. Set in 1963, The Magic Bullet Theory was a fun who-shot-JFK ride rich with witty dialogue. One topic that came up several times was blowjobs. One man-character says “women were put on this earth for 2 reasons: to suck our dicks and take our balls.”

Now, contextually, that remark  fit with the character and his point, so I don’t mean to get all up in feminism’s business, but it did stir something in my psyche. Later in the story during a fabulous montage scene, a blowjob is artfully woven into the dance number for a brief few moments.

That blowjob buisness got me a little, well, distracted. First in the hot kind of way. Then I got kind of mad. The passionate voice in my head said,

“Why do I never hear women saying, ‘oh man, all I need right now is a good eating out,’ hmm? Why do I never get to see cunnilingus depicted in such a fun & casual manner? I’m not ALL flowers and cuddling, ya know!”

I’ve just never seen a woman portrayed that way. The character in the play receiving aforementioned head was a lawyer. He was a professional going about his job and having a little fun on the side. Good times all around. What if a woman were playing the part?

I’ve seen so many male characters in movies and stories triumphantly referencing receiving a blowjob as a thing of pride. Yet, on the female side of things, I don’t recall much in the way of a gleeful brag.

It seems to be a dark spot in pop culture. I mean, the concept of a man at his desk getting serviced by his intern/secretary/whoever is all too familar. Yet when do we see a woman expressing her enjoyment of the same kind of carnal attention? Rarely, in my mind. Of course, I haven’t taken in Game of Thrones or True Blood yet, so fingers crossed perspectives are expanding.

It’s safe to assume that enjoying oral sex is not a gendered activity. I’d like to see that reflected back at me in the stories we tell ourselves. Everyone is allowed to desire & enjoy some good old fashioned head, without shame or complication. And that’s what I have to say about that. xo

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15 thoughts on “Sometimes a Girl Just Wants Good Head

  1. Some of this might be the fault of the MPAA… I recall reading about the movie Two Girls and a Guy, which got slapped with an NC-17 rating and the way they got it back down to an R rating was to cut down on the scene where the guy is giving one of the girls oral sex (to the point that she’s so quick to come as to be a bit silly).

    Of course, the MPAA reflects (to an extreme degree) the overall backwardness of our society in attitudes towards female sexuality. People like you are definitely helping change that 🙂

    But I agree, hopefully soon someone will be bold enough to depict a woman character with a sexual drive as spontaneous and fun-loving as they do with men characters.

  2. I’m with you on this. I think we’re seeing the beginnings of it though. Have you seen Weeds? While some of the sex scenes verge on porn (what’s pretty to see rather than good to feel), the lead character, Nancy Botwin knows what she wants and goes after it in a very sex positive way. There’s even an episode in which she celebrates a work victory by getting head at work – and in a fun twist of the normal furtive stereotypical image, the person giving her head is her boss, and she’s getting it on top of the desk.

    1. Ah. OK, aside from films that are essentially about sexuality (such as LIE WITH ME and 9 SONGS and SHORTBUS), there is at least the (much better) remake of THE GETAWAY and DON’T LOOK NOW, the horror film based on the Daphne Du Maurier story and directed by guy with no story sense but a sure lens for the beautiful, Nicholas Roeg. More likely to come as the brain wracks. (The first film version of THE GETAWAY was part of that long opus, SAM PECKINPAH REALLY HATES EVERYONE, BUT PARTICULARLY WOMEN.)

  3. A local radio show once had a regular game called Guess My Favorite Body Part. It took a very long time for a listener to guess, finally, that the female announcer’s body part was the top of a man’s head. I will never forget that lightbulb moment when I figured out what that really meant.

  4. Actually, they talk about it A LOT in Sex And The City! They even have a character called “the pussy man”! A man that only eats pussy, and does it very well!

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