Profile Punch-Up



Want the right date? Get the right profile.

We want you knee-deep in clicks.







                                    Dying alone? It’s not you, it’s your profile.

THE SEXPERT: “The thing is, I may be looking at a profile that’s a perfect match for me but I can’t tell. It’s so sad! That’s why I want to do this. Let’s get your dating profiles showing the lovable/doable you… for everyone’s benefit! Hi, I’m Sex Nerd Sandra, known for my compassionate sex podcast of the same name on the Nerdist Network, “Search for Sexy”- my investigative look at attraction on Fusion TV, and the obsessive curiosity I bring to everything. I love online dating and so can you.”

THE PHOTOGRAPHER: “So… this is still me, Sandra, talking about my friend, Rachael. As a professional photographer for over a decade, her ability to capture charming candid shots of even our most camera-shy friends goes unparalleled. Right now, she’s in the corner making sounds of joy because of this opportunity to work with you.”

THE DEAL: Welcome to our passion project! As two busy professionals, we are hungry to apply our fancy skill sets to overhaul your online dating presence. So much fun! For 3 days a week (Sun, Mon & Thur) we are available to schedule time with you, in-person (in Los Angeles) and Skype. Heck you can even fly us to you. Once you choose your package, you’ll receive an emailed link to our calendar. It’s easy to schedule. Come hang with us. There will be snacks.

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Good thing we have the internet! As long as you have video Skype capabilities, we can punch-up your profile.